Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Internet Survey Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Internet Survey - Essay Example Therefore, students of this particular educational institution are meant to be participants of the survey. The latter is evidently meant to provide a fuller view of the situation with smoking and smokers within the campus and probably serve as a helping tool in reformation of smoking regulation policy there. The survey consists of 14 questions of different types, including multiple-choice questions, yes-no questions and free-answer questions. While some questions are not compulsory for answering, others require the answer (which are marked by asterisk). The question implies multiple choice: the recipient is expected to choose an option. However, it is somewhat double-barreled, for it is not quite clear whether the participant is to choose one or more variants (regular smoker, occasional smoker, social smoker). Moreover, the flaw of the question lies in the fact that it doesn’t consider the possibility that the participant has already quit smoking. Being a logical continuation of the previous question, this one is aimed at obtaining further information from the participants, who have chosen the option ‘regular smoker’. The variety of answers eliminates any double-barreled implications or confusion while answering this question, for the options are quite clear. Here, we see the survey being narrowed down to the issue directly related to the policy of the campus. The question is unbiased, with no double negations or ambiguity, though â€Å"very specific areas† is a rather confusing phrase. The question implies multiple choice out of four options. However, there is certain bias that might raise ethical concerns, for answering this compulsory question presupposes giving information about other people rather than about the respondent him/herself. Moreover, the word ‘substances’ might be confusing, for it isn’t clear what is meant by it. In this step of the survey completion, the respondent is offered a free-answer question,

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