Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Summary of 3 articles for two students Assignment

Summary of 3 articles for two students - Assignment Example One of the tests in the memory championship involves memorizing the order of playing cards in a shuffled deck. For many years, none of the competitors had the capacity to memorize the correct order. The competition brings together both very young and older contestants, but majorly below 40 years. Men represent a higher percentage of the participants compare to women. Psychologists have sought to scan the brain functions of the participants during the competition. From the scanned images, it became evident that the right posterior hippocampus played a significant role in memory. Many of the participants have developed a technique of associating the cards with people or objects that they know. The world memory championship represents some of the opportunities that psychologists utilize in their efforts to understand the brain parts that are significant in memory. Moreover, psychologists study the tactics of different participants to ensure that they understand how memory functions (Foer,

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