Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Problem Set Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 3

Problem Set - Essay Example As a result, those suffering from various genetic and chronic illnesses that they cannot control, no longer have to get involved in high risk pools that are expensive and ineffective. An individual with this cover will never have to entirely forego the health cover and services that are so much needed. It is because of this reason that experts explain that not all pre-existing conditions are serious such as is the case with cancer, diabetes or kidney complications. They also believe that the purchase of this cover will help patients obtain medical services in less expensive ways hence a stress-reduced medical process. Moreover, they will be assured of the services whenever they require them. 2. The pluralist approach to policy making differs from the policy analysis approach of class and elites in the sense that the former does not contain any stratification as is the case in the latter approach. Therefore, politics play a major part in the policy process where the mass and the under structure government are coerced into policy making. Unlike in elite and class approaches, which are based on disparities pluralist approach is conducted by members with common interests hence the beneficial use of politics. b). With this, attempts can be made to apply it in the address of national debt and deficit by bringing about equitable distribution of wealth. Due to the lack of coercion on the government, tax systems will be used to promote equality. The government will no longer be influenced by the elites in the society. These efforts will also include the reduction in budget spending by the congress. It is because the pressure upon them to maintain their programs, resources and positions will be reduced. Since it is the groups that influence the political systems, they can manage to transform the spending programs into firmly established and entitled programs. Members of the representatives can additionally prevent the influence of elite groups towards the

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