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The study delves on integrating authentic video into the EFL Curriculum. In that case the researcher specifically aims to exemplify the use of authentic videos to contribute to the proliferation of knowledge. Gagne, says that â€Å"many professional think of instructional technology as a systematic way of designing, carrying out and evaluating the total process of learning and teaching† (p 12).   Furthermore, the study also converse on how elementary school teachers implement changes in the business of teaching. Carless (2003) said that â€Å"teachers are frequently required to implement pedagogic innovations† (p 2). To provide a picture as regards to planning and implementation of a task-based academic improvement is a very interesting part of the study. Accordingly, this research paper was geared to uplift the interest of the students to further concentrate on their studies with the use of visual presentations. To be able to motivate the students to learn is indeed a serious matter that is why, it is very essential to exhaust a lot of effort for them to be able to go beyond what is expected and be creative. Making available different tools such as videos, it was expected that the elementary students should learn more having this aid. By helping them realize their creativeness, it is important for them to depict what they saw in the videos.   In accordance with this, it is also important for the students to comprehend and interpret at the same time what they actually see. As the students process the films or the television shows effectively, they should practice dealing with the language and through which also help them to gain knowledge. Students are able to go together with their weaker skill with the visual support in text-format, thus, subtitles are also beneficial to go hand in hand with the video being played. With the help of such the students can easily grasp what they are watching and at the same time they can also make use of the words in their everyday life – real life. To be able to carry out this study, it is very beneficial to answer important queries concerning this subject matter and have a clear grasp on what is really trying to imply in this study. Given the fact that it is significant to take note the value of using authentic video in EFL curriculum, we – the writer and the reader should know what an authentic video is and what limitations therein. How can we use authentic video material? Basically, does the use of such, applicable with EFL curriculum? Does it contribute to oral production of the students? Would it be easier for the elementary teachers upon integrating authentic materials, to exemplify their sets of curriculum?   Specifically, at what level it is very much applicable to adopt this system of teaching? Criteria in choosing an authentic material should be taken into consideration. Stempleski (1987) states that â€Å"each type of authentic video has both advantages and disadvantages when used as language learning material and it is helpful to review general features to look for when selecting authentic material† (p 7). It is excellent to take into account the language, the content, the subtitles, the production, etc. of a certain video if it does execute a good impact on the viewers and how will it be able to help students and also the teachers to meet as regards to the proficiency of the medium; on how it will contribute to oral production. How can these materials motivate the students? What probable chances do we have that the elementary students will increase their eagerness in dealing and exploring the medium? How will it also affect the teacher’s lessons? These are the essential issues we have to tackle as we go along with the research paper. As we answer every question, it will make us realize where we situate the integration of authentic materials – especially authentic videos. It is imperative to have a broad understanding as regards to these matters to be able strengthen the stability of the student’s learning process. The paper focuses also on the role of the teachers who will be responsible in delivering different techniques in teaching and on how they will be able to inculcate in the minds of their students the importance of having different avenues to master their subject matter – increase their oral production. On the other hand, the students likewise were expected to take into account the possible chances of upgrading their system as they make use of these so called â€Å"innovations in their system of learning†. In addition to this, the professors and the students was expected to appreciate new ideas that will help to augment the performance of the students. The researcher took effort in getting the attention of the students and the elementary teachers as regards to incorporate authentic video into EFL curriculum. It is necessary to have some insights as to what extent the teachers should integrate authentic materials. This is practically the focal point of the research paper and the concentration are mainly focused on how the students and the teachers will find the middle ground in order to uplift and make use of new technique – and that is integrating authentic video. Classroom observations were considered as a basic tool in making this study possible. After gathering different ideas as regards to the integration of authentic videos in EFL curriculum, some thoughts provide a clearer grasp enough to elaborate the importance of the study. In addition to this, many dissertations were also found and used in collating thoughts on related topic. Furthermore, the gathered information / materials were consolidated and come up with a straightforward analysis on the effects to 5th grade multi-leveled students on oral production as they integrate authentic videos into EFL curriculum. Accordingly, having the resources available at hand, it is expected to have a more articulate output on how were authentic materials contribute mainly to the exceptional growth of the students and the professors as well. It is true that there were lots of resources regarding this matter, but most important of all, it is still in the hands of the receiver on how they will accept modernism – and we’re talking about increase in oral production with the help of authentic materials – authentic video. The proliferation of this paper could help everyone to carry out different changes in their system, and in the case of the four walls of a classroom, additional teaching aid is necessary to truly enhance the capabilities of every students and not just limiting techniques in traditional system.

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