Monday, July 22, 2019

Homeworkunit 3 Sandwich Blitz Essay Example for Free

Homeworkunit 3 Sandwich Blitz Essay Sandwich Blitz, Inc. opened its doors for business October 15, 2004 and now consists of eight locations. It specializes in organically grown food ingredients, upscale breakfast and healthy beverages. The President and CEO, Dalman Smith and Vice President and CFO, Lei Lee are the sole owners. Dalmon and Lei are wishing to expand the business, but first they need to conduct a SWOT analysis to determine the strengths, weakness, opportunities and possible threats involved in the expansion. Sandwich Blitz, Inc. has several strengths; they have shown a positive track record of ROI of 30% for 2011. They have their own training center and are able to provide specialized training to their managers as well as hourly employees. Additionally, they have been able to obtain small prime pieces of property at low costs to erect their small but suitable prefabricated buildings. Lastly, they have shown that they have been successful in expansion, expanding seven additional locations since 2004. An area of weakness that Dalmon and Lei need to review is the lack of time they currently have to devote to expanding their business. Dalmon is busy dealing with issues at the eight locations and Lei is swamped with financial matter. Dalmon and Lei need to consider hiring a district manager to help oversee the current eight locations. They are also vulnerable to other competitors copying their specialized ingredients due to lacking private label branding and need to take action to rectify that opportunity. Sandwich Blitz has several opportunities. They need to stick to the basics and provide a customer what they expect and that is quality, fresh and healthy products. Customer’s wants to know that they can expect the same product at each Sandwich Blitz location, so consistent food recipes and procedures are vital for all locations to follow. To help increase the customer diversity and base, Sandwich Blitz needs to provide new and innovative products. They also need to get with the times and start utilizing social media to help drive sales. The possibility of new franchise operations with similar products moving into the area is a large threat for Sandwich Blitz. The decrease in sales from two high generating locations can substantially affect revenues. Cannibalizing their current locations is a possible threat if they erect another building too close to an existing Sandwich Blitz. Damon and Lei need to analysis their targeted area to ensure it will not affect their current businesses. They need to review all the SWOT data  before they make any drastic decisions.

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